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Who ARe WE?

Campus Bible Ministries is an inter-denominational Christian group located at WSU, Parramatta. We provide students with opportunities to discover the truth about Jesus as found in the Bible and help strengthen and build up Christians in their relationship with God.

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Our WEekly

Find out what difference Jesus makes to life.
Meet other Christians.
Be encouraged in your relationship with God.

Public Meetings
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Our main public meeting is called The Gathering. It is a chance to hear what the Bible says about our life and this world. They are held weekly on Mondays from 1-2 pm

Bible Study Groups
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Join a weekly Bible Study Group, held at various days and times, to have a chance to discuss questions from the Bible with others, and find out who Jesus is.

Chill 'N' Chat

Chill ‘N’ Chat is a time of fellowship, questions and discussions from the talk, on Mondays from 2-3 pm after each Public Meeting, and is also a great chance to meet others from CBM.

What's On?

The Gathering: Romans: The Essential Gospel 
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